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STS Series

The Smart STS Series

STS Series is for Oil / Water Separation & Bio-Filtration in almost any configuration with volumes up to 15GPM.

First things first. We feel it is essential to remove free oils from water that is eventually ending up in your recycling equipment. Sized properly, the coalescing grids are able to remove tiny oil droplets very efficiently.

As an added benefit, we have found these units to be very efficient bio-filters when used in conjunction with our Smart HC microbes. The polyethylene coalescing cubes attract hydrocarbons and promote dense microbe growth.

STS Series Highlights

Standard 10 GPM Oil / Water Separator (Optional 15 GPM)
Standard 3/4" AODD pump (not shown) and Floating Skimmer (Front, Right)
Standard Belt or Tube Skimmer removes oils from the separator and into a disposable container of your choice.
The Integrated Uni-body Tank/Skid System, Thermoplastic Welded, Heavy Duty, 1/2” and 3/4” thick Polyprene™
Optional Submersible 2" Air Operated Pump (Front, Left) that delivers heavy greases and oils to the separator with ease.

STS Series Specifications

Coalescing Media**
Influent Dia.
Effluent Dia.
Belt Skimmer Gals
71" 12" 34" 125 Gal. 2x132 2" 3" 2Gal/ PH

* Inches
** cu.ft. x surface area, sq.ft.

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