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SDC Series

The Smart SDC Series

WATER FILTRATION AND DISTRIBUTION SDC Series - Filtered Water Distribution up to 20 GPM

The SDC51 is the filter/distribution center for our recycling systems. Programmable backwash using only fresh water. The backwash cycle triggers when the system is calling for make-up water.

SDC Highlights

500 gallon Product Tank, 14” diameter filter tank, 1” Clack control valve, 3 cubic feet of standard media (Turbidex tm.)
Filtration Pump is timer controlled. Wash more, Filter more.
Filtered water is distributed via a 45 PSI, 21 GPM booster pump. Need more capacity? Just add another pump (in-series or parallel).
* Backwash is controlled remotely via the differential pressure switch input.
UL Listed 230V (1PH or 3PH) or 460V (3PH) control.
Side-Stream filtering process allows for scaling of the product water tank to meet higher flow demand
Unique integration of the make-up water and backwash system to provide the best possible regeneration of the filter media.

* It holds the timed backwash cycle until fresh make-up water is required. This allows fresh tap water to be used for backwashing.

SDC Options

Product Tanks 300 gal. up to 2000 gal.
16” (1.4 sq.ft.) or 21” ( 2.4 sq.ft.) filter tanks, covers flow rates from 21 to 48 GPM.
Pathextm filter media kills bacteria and helps keep the Product Tank free of biological growth.

SDC Specifications

Micron Eff.
54" 40" 84" 500 Gal. **T=15-20
**P= up to 20
T=3 to 5

* Inches
** T = Turbidex and P = Pathex

Product Brochures & MSDS

SDC Brochure     Turbidex    

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