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Wash Bay & Industrial Wash Water Recycling

For over a decade, SCT (Smart Cleaning Technologies) has developed various systems for cleaning and reusing the oily waste water of the Permian Basin. The result is a brand new wastewater treatment system that is designed around the best biological microbes on the market. It balances various technologies, basic mechanical principals and dedicated services that provide our customers with visibly clear and fresh smelling water for reuse in their wash bays.

Biological Microbes (BIO)

naturally occurring microbes specifically acclimated for hydrocarbon conversion. All microbes are safe, natural and non-pathogenic.

Media Filtration

The removal of fine particles and solids through single media filters. Filters easily remove suspended solids that can be left behind by bio treatments or EC flocculation.

Electro-Coagulation (EC)

Removes contaminants missed by natural settling, filtration or chemical treatment systems leaving a very clear clean product to reuse. EC is also used to minimize or eliminate toxic substances that can allow microbes to finish the job.

The combination of technologies provides an effective means of water conservation and reduced pollution and all in a safe, closed-loop system.

Basic mechanical principals are followed for every system. The natural gravity separation of heavy solids, removal of "free-floating" hydrocarbons and maintaining the proper flow rates minimize excessive mixing of solids, oils, and water.

Service is imperative to maintaining the performance of the system. We have trained personnel on staff and equipment to provide you professional service tailored to meet your needs.

STS Series

STS Series is designed to remove free oils from water that is eventually ending up in your recycling ...

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ST400 Series

The ST400 water reuse/recycling system incorporates a "moving bed" bioreactor to handle a wide variety of ...

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SDC Series

The SDC51 is the filter/distribution center for our recycling systems. Programmable backwash using only ...

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We Offer Turn-Key Installation and Monthly Maintenance Services

Not only can we install our proven water recycling equipment and filtration product we can maintain your existing equipment as well. Call us today or send us an email.

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